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Radiance Timepieces——Special exhibition of Western Clocks | Yongle Quarterly Auction No.3


Human civilizations were once far apart, it was time that defined the length of each other's history, with the clock being the most sincere devotee of time. The Chinese royal court's fascination with clocks dates back to the time when Matteo Ricci and Michele Ruggieri first led European missionaries to China in the mid-16th century. Among the many tributes, the mechanical clocks were one of the most adored treasures of the court and were presented to several emperors from the late Ming to Qing dynasties, who would grant the missions to come because of their enthralled obsession with the magic of such Western technology.



As an essential part of the decorative arts, we have selected ten precious Western antique clocks of classic shapes and exquisite craftsmanship for the "Chinese Ceramics, Jades, and works of art" section of the Yongle quarterly auction No.3. With dedication, Yongle will bring a feast of Western art with unique charm to all collectors, revealing the beauty of the other side of the ocean.




Yongle Quarterly Auction No.3 | Auction Preview

Antiques, Jewelry, Bags, and Fine Wines


Opening: 2022.3.22

*Auction times to be announced

Venue: Yongle Art Space, 6F, Block A2, No. 10 Chaoyang Park South Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing


For further information please contact:

Tel: +8610 8709 5988



* To ensure the safety of your trip, please wear a mask throughout the entire visit. Guests whose travel card appears * should register at the front desk of the company.


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