How to Buy

Step 1  Browsing or Searching

Searching on Yongle Auction website and printed catalogue to see an interested item is on sale and check related TERMS & CONDITION.

Step 2  Viewing an item in person

You are welcome to visit our auction preview to view any item you are interested in. (Please contact specialist for any view appointment and further auction request)


All LOTS is available for inspection. The auction house does not provide or undertake any responsibility for the authenticity (and/or quality) and any flaw. There is no liability for warrant of defects of any LOT. Everyone is encouraged to view interested items in person to examine before an auction. Please form your own opinion for a LOT or have it examined on your behalf before the sale.

Step 3  Register and Bid

Before the auction start, you need to register with Yongle Auction, prove bid deposit and receive bidding paddle.


Bid in Private Individuals, please provide:

- A valid ID, passport or other approved licence of People’s Republic of China

- If you ask an auctioneer to register, your dealer should provide a bidder-signed authorisation letter, copy of bidder’s ID, original ID (or other approved licence) of the auctioneer.


Bid in Organisations, please provide:

- For Legal Person: A valid ID of Legal Person, copies of the valid Duplicate of Business License (with official seal)

- Non-legal Person: A Letter of Authorization from the organisation, Copies of ID of legal person (with official seal), Original ID (or other approved licence) of the bidder, Copies of the valid Duplicate of Business License (with official seal) are required. 


 * Note: If an auctioneer could not provide any reference that the bidder will bid in organisations to approved by Yongle Auction, each auctioneer will be taken as an individual bidder themselves as register in person.


Step 4  Choose How to Bid

You can select attending the auction place an absentee bid.


Absentee Bid

Absentee Telephone Bidding or Set Up the Maximum Bid Amount has been approved for everyone who unable to attend.

While place an absentee bid with Yongle Auction, our auctioneer will bid on the item for you:

1.    Please download, print a send us a signed copy of the Absent Bid Form with LOT Number and name of LOT.

a.   Absentee Telephone Bidding : Please provide your contact info and phone number to register a Telephone Bid

b.   Set Up the Maximum Bid Amount : Please set up the maximum bid amount (excluding buyer’s premium) on the Absent Bid Form

2.    Please send the Absent Bid Form by Fax / Email / Post / Registered Letter or hand in to our office with prove of bid deposit payment.

Step 5  To Place A Bid

If your bid is successful, please approve and sign "Purchase confirmation/auction record" of your purchase on site.


Step 6  Pay for Your Purchase

Successful bidders should pay the final amount due with signed "Purchase confirmation/auction record" (Including buyer’s premium).


Step 7  Receive Your Property

After all payment finished, vendee should provide the “bill of lading” and documents below and go through the procedure of a goods delivery.