About Yongle

Beijing Yongle International Auction Co.,Ltd


Founded in 2005, Yongle Auction is a leading auction in Modern and Contemporary art, Classical Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy, Chinese Ceramics, Fine Jewels etc. It has grown rapidly and earned the trust and loyalty of global customers for its professional live auctions, online auctions, as well as private sales.

Yongle Auction offers international and excellent services to worldwide clients, including art appraisal, art exhibition, art financing, and art investing.

The categories of Yongle Auction include Fine Modern Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy, Classical Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy, Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art, Asian and Western Modern & Contemporary Art, Fine Jewels and Luxury, Fine and Rare Wines and Teas, Rare Books, Rubbing and Manuscripts, Rare Stamps and Coins. Senior experts from the above fields converge in Yongle Auction.

Recent achievements at Yongle Auction include having attained the world record price for artworks at auction, for example, BALTHUS's The Cat in the Mirror III sold at RMB 166,750,000 in 2021; Zeng Fanzhi’s Mask Series 1996 NO.6 sold at RMB 161,000,000 in 2020, which is also the world record price of Chinese contemporary art.